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Mani & Niko - A jewellery label created in 2013 by Angela - a self-diagnosed accessory & jewellery tragic, seeker of all things creative, bright and positive in this world.


As a celebration of her love for design, bold colours and shapes, Mani & Niko was born. Taking inspiration from her beautiful baby daughters Manuela ‘Mani’ and Nikolina 'Niko' who have instilled in her ‘pure happiness’ hence taking on the names of the label.


Angela loves nothing better than indulging in her own creativity. Her many travels through Vietnam, South East Asia and Europe have provided her with inspiration for colour, highlights in culture blended with elegant hues of landscape and sunsets, which translate across to her designs in the form of polymer clay and leather.


She hopes her handcrafted Mani & Niko pieces bring you the same happiness they have given her!

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